Disclaimer: This section is intended only to promote healthiness through smiles
(Never to make light of those who may be suffering from serious mental illness)

12 Warning Signs of Good Health
"A.A.A.D.D." - Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder
Bathtub Test
Burnout Prevention & Recovery Techniques
Cat Test
Changing Light Bulbs
Childhood Characters and Their Disorders
Christmas Carols for the Psychiatrically Challenged
Christmas Therapy Group
Cognitive Restructuring
Cyber Disorders proposed for the DSM V
Dwarf Inventory of Psychopathology
Emoticons for Psychiatric Med Management
Etiology and Treatment of Childhood
Fish comics
Frequently Asked Questions About HMO's
Generation X Delusions
God Diagnosed with Manic Depression
Group Therapy
Hatred Of Marriage Counselor Brings Couple Together
Hospital Discharge
How To Get Ahead In Life
I'd Rather Have a Job!
The Initial Interview
The Genie
Jewish Hypnotist
Last Session
Managed Care at the Pearly Gates
Marriage Counseling
Mental Health Care and Money
Mental Health Telephone Answering Machine
Mental Hospital Hanging
Mental Hospital Interview
Myers Briggs T-shirt Designs
Naturally Occuring Ego States
Patients vs. Psychiatrists
Patient likes Saugsage
Post Hypnotic Suggestion
Prayer for Myers-Briggs Types
Psychiatric Advice
Psychiatrist and the Zen Master
Psychiatry and Proctology
Psychoanalysis & Men
Psychologists at their Reunion
Psychologist vs. Magician
Oreo Personality Test
Relationship Talk from Mars & Venus
Request for Treatment
Rorschach Test
Therapeutic Advice
Schizo Jokes
Senior Memories
Signs that you are an Internet Addict
Social Psychology Experiment
Sleep Anxiety Cure
Top Ten Burn Out Signs for Clinicians
The Waiting Room
Wobegon Intelligence Test
Wonder Drug

Antidepressants Song
The Farting Hypnotist

Dan Rosandich's Psychiatry Cartoons
Chato B. Stewart: Cartoon E-Book
Psych Central Humor
Jason Love's Comic "Snapshots"

Humor on the Web:
WEB THERAPY: Lisa Kudrow stars as the world's worst online self centered therapist with limited patience for others' problems. The entire HBO series.

Eliza The Interactive Computer Therapist
From the Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical (ISNT)
The Neurologically Typical Screening Test
From the DSN-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Normal Disorders):
Normal Personality Disorder (DSN-IV 301.666)
Psychiatry Disorder (DSN-IV 669.xx)
Staff Personality Disorder (DSN-IV 601.83)
Pseudo-Simultaneous Awareness Disorder (DSN-IV 667.00)
Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist
Andertoons: The cartoons and Illustrations of Mark Anderson
Mental-O-Matic Psych Test at John Gohol's - Fun stories and jokes about the field of Psychiatry
Psychiatry themed comics from The NewYorker magazine
David Shay's Collection of Social Worker & Psychologists/Psychiatrists Jokes

Books, Articles

DMOM: The Diagnostic Manual of Mishegas: potchkied together by Jay Neugeboren , Michael B. Friedman , Lloyd I. Sederer M.D.


Word Plays:
Lexophiles (Lovers of words)
Confucius Says...
Ben & Jerry's new Israeli ice cream flavors
Bumper Stickers
Clubs to Join
Commentary On The English Language
Quiz Time: Count the Letter "F"

Professionals are "De..."
Pronouce This!
Tips for Proper English
Top 50 Oxymorons

Words of Wisdom:
Famous Quotes
Famous Quotes about Sex
Great Quotes by Great Ladies
Gift of Time
Heart Systems Software Customer Support

The World as Kids See It:
Children & Proverbs
Kids' Interpretations of Nature
Kids on Science
Naked Truth About Marriage from Kids
Wisdom of Youth

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