Clubs To Join:
The Yoko Club? Oh no.
 The German philosophy club? I. Kant.
 The Ford-Nixon club? Pardon me?
 The Arafat club? Yessir.
 The Alzheimer's club? Forget it.
 The Ebert movie club? Roger.
 The Groucho Marx club? You bet your life.
 The Peter Pan club? Never. Never.
 The Japanese theater club? Noh.
 The quarterback club? I'll pass.
 The Rhett Butler club? I don't give a damn.
 The compulsive rhymers club? Okey-dokey.
 The Spanish optometrists club? Si.
 The anti-perspirant club? Sure.
 The pregancy club? Conceivably.
 The Procrastinator's Club? Maybe next week.
 The Self Esteem Builders? They wouldn't accept me anyway.
 The Agoraphobics Society? Only if they meet at my house.
 The Co-Dependence Club? Can I bring a friend?
 The Prayer Group? God willing!

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