Emoticons for Psychiatric Med Management

:-)        stable. cont prozac 40mg. f/u 3 mos.
:-))       reduce prozac to 20mg. f/u 1mo.
:-))))     d/c prozac. add lithium 300 tid. check TSH, creatinine, lithium level. f/u 1wk.
:-D       add depakote.  check valproic acid level, Liver Panel, CBC. f/u 1wk.
:-|        stable. cont prozac 40 mg. f/u 1mo.
:-(        increase prozac to 60mg. f/u 2wk.
:'-(       add wellbutrin SR 150mg. f/u 1wk.
X-(       call 911. send to ER. check for OD.
:*}       check breathalyzer. refer to AA.
%-}      weekly tox screen. refer to AA/NA.
:-&@?  add haldol 2mg bid.
|-0        d/c ambien.
:-#       d/c elavil. use hard candies.
;-P      d/c haldol. add clozapine. AIMS exam. vitamin E 800 iu bid.
:-)~      reduce haldol. add cogentin to reduce sialorrhea.
;-)        establish boundaries. do not schedule at end of day.
;-x        see with chaperone only.

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