Generation X Delusions
Dave Robinson, M.D.
Copyright Rapid Psychler Press
I was the leading supplier of smoked salmon to the city's restaurants until I inhaled too many fish-bits into my lungs.
I served in the regiment commanded by Colonel Sanders in the Great Chicken War.
The dots and dashes on the highways are a secret message in Morse Code that I alone must decipher.
Somebody urinated in my genetic pool.
There is a rotund man in a red suit who sees my therapist before I do. He has a fear of crawling down small chimneys on Christmas Eve - he suffers from santaclaustrophobia.
Every now and then I go to the driving range to hit a bucket of chicken.
My career as an arsonist came to an end when I was arrested for trying to start a fire in a rainforest.
My imaginary companion parlayed my childhood fantasies into a multi-million dollar burger franchise.
I was never happy being depressed.
I was the world's most unfortunate Multiple Personality victim - each of my alters had its own Personality Disorder.
I lost a bet that I could quit gambling.
I do not recall being voted the Village Idiot, but my name was on the ballot.
They named a medical syndrome after me called the Generation X triad: substance ingestion, amnesia & priapism.
Special thanks to Dave Robinson, M.D. Publisher, Rapid Psychler Press

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