Tips for Choosing a Psychotherapist:
Your Relationship with a Therapist: Assessing Compatibility

The relationship between you and your therapist is of primary importance. A therapist's personal qualities, attitudes, expectations, beliefs, and values matters as much as their particular technique, approach or theoretical orientation in making therapy work. The following are questions you may ask yourself to determine how compatible you felt during and after your interview:

-Did the therapist convey personal warmth and concern for you?

-Were they genuinely interested in you and your welfare in a supportive manner?

-Were they sensitive to your feelings? Were you treated with courtesy and respect?

-Did the therapist make eye contact?

-Was there an atmosphere of mutual trust?

-Did you believe they were listening to you and could understand you?

-Were you able to talk easily and honestly with them? Could you be yourself?

-Were they accepting and affirming of your individuality?

-Did the therapist give you adequate feedback?

- Were you comfortable questioning or disagreeing with them?

-Were they insightful, being able to sense things beyond your present awareness?

-Did they have a touch of human wisdom, a sense of understanding that goes beyond technique and theory?

-Did you like them? Did you find their values and attitudes compatible with yours?

-Were you comfortable with the decor and physical set up of the waiting room and office setting?