Tips for Choosing a Psychotherapist:
Setting Up the Personal Interview

Be prepared to interview a therapist by phone or in their own office. Most therapists will talk to you briefly over the phone when they call you back. As you may know, therapists are difficult to reach directly, so be prepared to leave a detailed message, giving them alternative times and phone numbers where you can be reached, day and evening. Tell them how you were referred, and explain your intention in wanting further information from them. When asking about an initial interview, ask whether you will be charged and how much. Some therapists charge full fee, while others will waive their fee entirely. Some will meet with you for part of an hour in between their appointments, while others will put aside an entire hour with you.

After confirming an appointment for the initial interview at their office, make sure you write the appointment date down and show up! Also write down the therapist's telephone number next to your appointment. If for any reason, you change your mind and decide later one that you don't want to keep the appointment, you will then be able to more easily call the therapist back and explain that you wish to cancel the initial interview.