Tips for Choosing a Psychotherapist:
Assessing Competence

The following questions may further help you to determine the level of competence of the therapist you are interviewing by assessing their professional training, credentials, licenses, organizational affiliations and history of experiences in clinical practice:

-What diploma and graduate degree did they receive? From which school? What year?

-Did they graduate from a specific clinical training program from their university? What was their major? Where did they do their clinical internship or post graduate work?

-How many years have they been practicing therapy? How long have they been practicing independently in private practice? Have they always been a therapist?

-What was their previous employment prior to private practice? Did they work as a therapist in an agency? Which ones?

-Do they currently have a clinical supervisor who reviews their work? For how many years? If not, why not?

-Are they licensed or registered in Colorado to practice psychotherapy with the Department of Regulatory Agencies? What year did they receive their license or register?

-What professional organizations are they a member of? What is the criteria for membership?

-How much and what kind of specific experience have they had treating any particular problem you may be concerned about?

-What specific personal experiences or training programs qualifies them to practice their style of therapy?

Have they been in therapy themself?

-Do they carry liability (malpractice) insurance?

-Have they ever had any formal complaints filed with DORA against them? What was the outcome?