Client Testimonials:
"Best Therapist in Boulder! Mr. Erdman saved our marriage. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have made it. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a down to earth, expert, friendly, caring, very effective, helpful marriage counselor. He also gave us great parenting advice for disciplining our kids." - Anonymous Reviewer on Yahoo!
"I had never been to therapy before starting with Barry.  I was resistant to the idea of being examined and analyzed, as a subject and not a participant.  With Barry, though, I felt the presence of someone who understands the importance of dealing with problems in a very human way.  I felt immediately comfortable with him, that he was there to offer an open ear and open mind to my problems without judgement.  He infused discussion with humor, melting away some of the heaviness that confronting one's problems can carry.  In addition to that, I felt that he was interested in getting to know me and genuinely wanted to help me however he could.  Anyone who's thinking about therapy should take the time to meet him and hear what he has to say."  -DB
"I want to say a couple words about my experience with Barry Erdman. When I came to visit Barry I instantly felt comfortable, and trusted that he could help me to open up fully with issues I had that needed urgent attention. I had been struggling for a year not being able to release the feelings of a traumatic event that had occurred in my life. After just a few visits, and the therapy that he provided, I felt like myself again. My experience was very miraculous and only occurred with his method of treatment and his sensitive way of dealing with peoples emotions. I feel very grateful that he was referred to me. People have to be very careful in selecting therapists. I would highly recommend Barry and would feel assured that anyone would be very pleased with his understanding knowledge to help people in situations that they cannot control on their own." -Robin, Westminster
"Two years ago on Nov. 15 you met with my husband and me to help us quit smoking - using hypnosis. I'm thrilled to report that neither of us has smoked since. It's made a positive difference in our lives in many ways. Thank you!!! I'm still amazed!" -35 year "hard core" smokers

"I found Barry to be immediately understanding, consistently uplifting, and amazingly able to sift through my fog to find real substance and opportunity for growth. As a parent, he has coached me towards my finest objectives. As a leader, he has helped me to understand how to stay on my highest path. As a person, he has helped me to heal--and to be happy doing it." - MZ, Boulder

"I am a CU student in education and have struggled with ADD as long as I can remember. I have always worked hard and pushed myself to do well in school. Toward the end of my degree work I was required to take a standardized state exam to get my teaching license and graduate. Because I have never been able to succeed at standardized exams I really struggled with this one. I took the exam 6 times with success only after the 6th attempt. Because my previous scores were so low I started to consider going back to school and changing my degree.

When taking the exam the 6th time I made the same preparations except I did see Barry Erdman this time. We talked and did many exercises discovering that my confidence was low and I was unable to succeed because I had failed so many times before. After hypnosis and working with Barry my test scores raised by 26 points. Now I have confidence and the appropriate test scores to graduate with my teaching license and help other children like myself. This has been a great experience not only to help me in my career but to help with confidence in myself." -AB, Boulder

"I came to see Barry ten years ago to help me deal with issues related to my childhood sexual abuse.  I initially discounted the effect that the abuse had on my life.  With Barry's help I learned that the coping skills that I developed as a boy no longer functioned in my adult life.  I grieved for my lost childhood, became more self-confident and have accepted my past for what it was, the past.  The emotional tools that Barry helped me develop have carried me through my health issues and the death of my spouse and has helped me to heal emotionally.  I would recommend him to any man dealing with childhood sexual abuse and the aftereffects that affect so many aspects of their lives." -SV, California
"I came to see Barry for help with deep anxiety regarding an upcoming surgery. I found the customized hypnosis CD that Barry produced to be enormously helpful in reducing anxiety prior to surgery, and to enhance and accelerate healing after surgery. I was able to get permission from my anesthesiologist to listen to the CD during the four-hour surgery. I believe that going into a surgical procedure in such a relaxed state, and listening to his calming voice during the procedure, is what allowed me to heal so quickly and use less than the typical amount of pain medication. If you are considering therapy for any psychological issue, or have a surgical or medical procedure to prepare for, I highly recommend making an appointment with Barry Erdman." -Laura, Boulder
"I was quite discouraged and overwhelmed when my son and I went to Barry on issues dealing with my son's bipolar illness. It was obvious immediately that we had come to the right therapist. His hands on approach and positive manner gave me hope and optimism. Barry works hard at discovering what issues need to be dealt with. My only regret is that we had not found him earlier." -B
"Barry definitely helped my husband and I get on the right track in our communication and our marriage overall. We are both committed to using the tools he taught us and that we now both share to keep us communicating openly and honestly and in ways that help us support one another. I am surprised by how quickly he diffused our need to fight and to be “right”. I am also surprised at how aptly he picked examples to illustrate to us what we were doing or what we should be doing." -Boulder couple
"I want to thank you for the good work you/we did. Your expert guidance and thoughtful insights have made a huge difference in my life. I want to share with those who are struggling with delicate and difficult situations that they could not find a more caring and honest counselor than you- many thanks..." -Adult male survivor of childhood sexual abuse
"My therapy work with Mr. Erdman was invaluable -it made a world of difference in helping me move beyond being a victim.  He has given me the tools to move forward with a feeling of self empowerment."
"I wanted to say Thank You for the help, understanding, and guidance during a very troubled time in my life. You made me feel comfortable right from the beginning of our time together. You challenged me and I am a better person for that. I can't say enough how much you helped me... I was struggling and feeling helpless at the end of a long term marriage; your skill, humor, and care allowed me to find my self worth, and ability to move forward in my life. With your assistance, I feel I got my life back.   Recently, I met someone who was going through a similar tough time in their life as I had...He asked if I knew someone he could talk to. I told him "Barry Erdman...He is the best". Thank You for your skill and support." -Longmont Senior
"... I don't think I could have kept it together emotionally during my divorce without your help.  Thank you again." -MD, Denver CO 2014
"I searched long and hard to find a knowledgeable, compassionate, therapist who was willing to work with me. I had a complicated past and I think several therapists I tried were either not qualified to help me or afraid to begin. Not so with Barry. Barry has gone the extra mile every chance he can to provide resources, ideas, methods of therapy and growth, to enable me to not only survive, but get to the point where I wanted to grow, become the person I am just now finding out I can be. I would never consider a different therapist and I would always recommend him to anyone looking to find emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical health to contact him now and not wait another minute of your precious life." -B.G. Arvada, CO 1/2016
"Barry, you have certainly been an answer to prayer. I have worked with a lot of therapists both personally and professionally. Your compassion and clinicial skills far surpass any other therapist I have known. My husband's individual session with you was a miracle in itself! Thank you for accepting us as clients and for giving 100% during every session." -Client, Broomfield CO 12/2017
"I went to Barry for personal problems, and he was professional, experienced, and a great listener. He provided insight, so I could change my behavior to get a good outcome. Of greater importance, he suspected that I might be prediabetic. My regular MD had missed this rather common condition. I fired the MD. I’m disappointed that the Boulder medical community didn’t detect this common condition, but luckily, Barry, who is a keen observer, did. In my case, I can treat my insulin resistance with a natural ketogenic diet, before it requires insulin injections, and I'll avoid blindness and amputation that so often ensue. Barry’s an expert in keto too, having used it for 10 years, and has provided a wealth of insight and coaching. He really hit a home run!" -Jamestown Senior, 2018
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