Things To Know and Sign Before Starting Therapy

The following documents provide useful and necessary information for you to know if you're considering starting therapy. Please consider reading, printing out and signing the documents indicated and bringing them along with you to your initial meeting with me. This will save time and give you a chance to ask any questions you might have.
Read, fill out, sign & bring:
New Client Questionaire: Intake cover sheet. Fill in your basic identifying information, including best ways to contact you.
Client Psychotherapy Policy: Contains information about fees, cancelation policy, insurance billing, communications, etc.
Colorado Manditory Disclosure: Required information the State of Colorado wants you to know about your rights as a client.
Receipt of Privacy Statement: Your signature confirms that you've been offered or recieved the Notice of Privacy Rights form below.
Other forms:
View and print out if needed.
Notice of Privacy Rights: Information required by HIPAA.
Non-Discrimination Policy: FYI: Policy statement regarding non-discrimination.
Release of Information: Sign to grant permission for me to release or exchange information with another health provider.

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