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Achieving Success Seminars Presents:
Parenting for Divorce
Boulder Colorado USA

Janet Bychek, LCSW & Barry Erdman, LCSW
[email protected]

This seminar is specifically designed and certified for divorcing parents needing to fulfill their requirement for attending an approved Proper Parenting in Dissolution Actions class as designated by the Twentieth Judicial District in Boulder County, Colorado.
New Seminars are Scheduled Monthly

What is the Parenting for Divorce Seminar?
It's a 3 hr interactive educational experience providing practical techniques for positive parenting around divorce. Participants are encouraged to bring in their specific questions and concerns related to their own circumstances to be addressed during the seminar. Engaging presentations, small group discussion, and handouts will be distributed.
  • To emphasize the importance for parents to put their children's needs first both during and after the divorce.
  • To provide parents with practical information and skills which will help them support their children's emotional well-being during and after the transition of divorce.
  • To create a better understanding of how conflict between parents creates stress for children and ways to decrease conflict.
  • To encourage cooperation in co-parenting to support continued and meaningful relationships with both parents.
Topics Covered

Effects of Divorce on Children

  • Developmental stages of children, and what type of reaction to expect from your child based on age.
  • Stages of grief and adjustment common to divorce.
  • Warning signs of problems in children that indicate professional assessment may be needed.

Appropriate Parenting After Separation

  • Helpful ways to communicate to your child about the divorce.
  • How to encourage and support the expression of your child's feelings.
  • Helping your child adjust to the changes in the family during and after the divorce.
  • The importance of fathers' roles in the lives of their children.
  • Promoting self-esteem in children.

Appropriate Decision Making Between Divorcing Parents

  • How parental conflict affects a child's adjustment.
  • Sharing parental responsibilities after separation.
  • Planning for parenting time, holidays and vacations.
  • How to encourage cooperation with your child's other parent.
Seminars are held in our offices in Central and North Boulder locations.
The fee is $50 per person, due before or at the start of seminar.
(2 reduced fee slots are available per seminar on a first come - first served basis. Contact us for more info.)
The Seminar is usually limited to a maximum of 10 participants on a first come, first served basis. To ensure a spot in the seminar of your choice, it's recommended to pre-register as soon as possible.
Call the number below and leave your name and phone number.

For further information or questions:
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303 380-0399
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Seminar Leaders
Barry Erdman, LCSW • Janet Bychek, LCSW
As licensed clinical social workers, both maintain independent psychotherapy practices in Boulder, each practicing for 20+ years. Both specialize in using marriage and family counseling techniques, have taught at Naropa University, led educational and therapeutic groups and do presentations for various public and professional organizations. They are also single parents who have parented their own children through the process of divorce.

Barry Erdman, LCSW, DCSW
303 444-1404
[email protected]

Janet Bycheck, LCSW
Janet Bychek, LCSW
303 380-0399
[email protected]

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