Clinical Supervision


  • Are you working towards getting your license and in need of supervision?
  • Do you want to further develop or refine your clinical skills?

Selecting the "right" supervisor can make a world of difference for years to come. Matching conceptual frameworks and clinical practice interests, as well as finding compatibility with supervision styles are important things to consider in addition to one's training and years of supervisory experience.

"In my experience, Barry Erdman, LCSW is a skilled and compassionate supervisor who generously shares his practice wisdom. During the two years he supervised my practice, Barry both prepared me for licensure and extended my clinical education. He is an impeccable professional whom I can recommend with enthusiasm and gratitude." -Virginia Detweiler, MSW February 1999

Are you ready to get grounded with good solid clinical intervention strategies that can be applied to a variety of client problem areas? Do you appreciate working within a humanistic existential behavioral framework? Do you respect cross cultural differences, gender equality and diversity concerns? Are you curious about alternative and creative treatment methods as they apply to mood disorders, grief, strategic family therapy or cutting edge relationship counseling? Are you particularly interested in how mindfulness or spirituality can be utilized in the practice of psychotherapy? Do you have interests in the implementation of transpersonal psychology, clinical hypnotherapy, or Eastern psychological approaches with conventional treatment modalities?

In addition to completing supervision training, I've previously supervised social workers and other mental health clinicians who's specializations focused on employment in state and non profit agency work, addictions counseling, adolescent treatment, EAP and brief therapy models as well as general independent practice. If interested I would be happy to put you in touch with previous supervisees for further feedback. Feel free to contact me to discuss how you may benefit from our working together.


Barry Erdman
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